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Transmission overhaul and warranty

Mercedes transmission overhaul and warranty

During a gearbox overhaul, all units undergo a variety of processes, and rigorous tests to ensure high quality at all times. These procedures are of utmost importance to ensure quality assurance on our automatic transmission units. Consequently, you will learn more about our testing processes and overhaul of automatic transmission units.

Mechatronics test stand

Mechatronics test stand

The already overhauled hydraulic controls of the automatic transmissions are subjected to final inspection on this machine. Under real life conditions set at about 90 degrees Celsius and corresponding pressure conditions, the mechatronics of the automatic transmissions are checked extensively with our standard test apparatus.

Mercedes-Benz Xentry Diagnostic

The Mercedes-Benz Xentry Diagnostic System has been an indispensable tool at ATT24 for years. After each automatic transmission replacement, the adaptation data of the gearbox must be Reset to meet the needs of the new setup. Subsequently, the new automatic transmission is connected to the Xentry Diagnostic System re-adapted.

Mercedes-Benz Xentry Diagnostic
Testing of hydraulic control

Hydraulic control

The hydraulic control of the gearbox is completely dismantled and cleaned during the  transmission overhaul. This is followed by a test of the individual pistons, their replacement, and adjustment. The control is then checked on our test stand.

Transmission Assembly

Our strength lies in our abilities with regard to the repair & general overhaul of Mercedes-Benz transmissions. This gives us the opportunity to provide aggregates with an ever-increasing quality, and at the highest technological standards. That explains our exclusive reliance on original Mercedes-Benz spare parts when assembling our transmissions units. 

Gearbox Assembly
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On our overhauled units, you get a 12-month warranty without mileage limit, while taking into account our general terms and conditions.

If you have any questions on transmissions, please do not hesitate to contact us by request, e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: +49 02309-937260.

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