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Mercedes Torque converter

Mercedes Benz Torque converter

Mercedes torque converters are part of our stock, which includes more than 1000 Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions and axle gearboxes. However, if your torque converter is not included, we can offer you a repair of the old part.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by request, e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: +49 02309-937260.

Task & Function of Mercedes Torque Converter

The torque converter has 2 tasks. It serves as a hydraulic start-up clutch, and as an additional transmission, which is upstream of the gearbox. Since the power transmission is hydraulic, the start-up is very soft and therefore also material-friendly.

The pump wheel has straight shovels. The converter housing is connected to the pump wheel on the crankshaft. This means that each rotational movement of the motor is transferred directly to the pump wheel. The turbine wheel has curved blades. The turbine wheel is firmly connected to the planetary wheelset by the gear input shaft. This transmits each movement of the turbine wheel directly to the planetary wheelset. The blades of the turbine wheel are bent in such a way that a certain deflection of the oil is achieved. The guide wheel is mounted on the pump tube with a freewheel. The blades of the Leitrade are shaped in such a way that the oil jet coming from the turbine wheel hits the back of the pump wheel with the remaining force.

Start-up phase, the individual wheel blades are also shaped so that the oil flow from the turbine wheel is deflected at speed difference between pumps and turbine wheel on the guide wheel, and then changes direction at the guide wheel wings and at such an angle into the pump wheel that it hits the back of the blades, supporting the work of the pump wheel and increasing its performance. This results in the torque gain of the converter, which fluctuates between approx. 2:1 and 1:1.

In driving mode, when the turbine wheel speed has reached 90 of the pump speed, the guide wheel is shoveled with oil from the turbine wheel at a flat angle, forcing it to turn along in the rotational sense of the turbine and pump wheel. From this speed threshold, the torque is no longer increased, but the converter now acts as a pure flow clutch. The hydraulic power transmission causes slip in the converter. This means that the speed of the motor-side pump wheel is higher than that of the gear-side turbine wheel. Converter slip increases fuel consumption, and thus pollutant emissions. A converter bridging coupling (WÜK) provides a mechanically force-locking connection to remove the slip under certain load conditions.

ATT24 offers its customers new torque converters. Thanks to our extensive stock of over 1000 torque converters, we are able to deliver most torque converters on immediate request. However, if your torque converter is not included, we also offer repairs on defective converters.

Torque converter series 140
490 €
1402500402, 1402500602, 1402500802, 1402500902
Torque converter series 202
490 €
Torque converter series 205
590 €
Torque converter series 209
590 €
2092500602, 2092500702, 2092500702, 2092500802, 2092500902, 2092501002, 2092501302
Torque converter series 210
490 €
2102500402, 2102500502, 2102500602, 2102500702, 2102500802, 2102500902
Torque converter series 211
590 €
2112500002, 2112500102, 2112500302, 2112500402, 2112500502, 2112500602, 2112500702, 2112500802, 2112500902, 2112501002, 2112501102, 2112501202, 2112501302, 2112501402, 2112501602
Torque converter series 212
590 €
2122500202, 2122500302, 2122500402, 2122500502, 2122500602
Torque converter series 220
490 €
Torque converter series 221
590 €
2212500102, 2212500202, 2212500302, 2212500502, 2212500802, 2212500902, 2212501002, 2212501202, 2212501402, 2212501502, 2212501602, 2212501702, 2212501802, 2212502002, 2212502102, 2212502202, 2212502302, 2212502502, 2212502802, 2212503302, 2212503502, 2212503602, 2212503802, 2212503902
Torque converter series 222
590 €
2222500102, 2222500202, 2222500302, 2222500502, 2222500602
Torque converter series 231
590 €
Torque converter series 903
490 €
9032500002, 9032500102

All prices incl. VAT, all aggregates in exchange.

The availability of the turning object converters depends on the stock. Other Mercedes-Benz torque converters on request.

Torque converter installation of 5 speed automatic transmission

Including transmission oil and all additional settings

350 €
Surcharge for AMG engines
130 €

Torque converter installation of 7 G Tronic automatic transmission

Including transmission oil and all additional settings

360 €
Surcharge for AMG engines
130 €
Surcharge for 72296. automatic transmission
110 €

Torque converter installation of 9 speed automatic transmission

Including transmission oil and all additional settings

500 €
Surcharge for AMG engines
130 €
Surcharge for 4x4
120 €

all prices incl. Vat.

Car pick up

If your vehicle is unable to move due to mechanical  faults, or if you are unable to bring your car to our workshop due to time constraints, we offer a free towing service within a 50 km radius of of our workshop. If you wish to have your vehicle returned to your location after repair, this is available on request. 

For distances exceeding 50 km, please contact us.

Free rental car

To keep you mobile during the time of your vehicle repair, ATT24 provides you with a free rental car during the repair period.

Torque Converter Shipping Service

Shipping is done with a parcel service. The shipping costs within Germany are  set at 30,00 €.


The shipping costs abroad can be found in the link: Shipping costs for abroad.

Torque converter deposit

The torque converter is supplied in exchange for the old part. In addition to the price, there is a deposit of 300.00 € for the old part. For delivery abroad, the deposit is €500.00.

After receiving the old part, we will refund the deposit immediately.

Torque converter warranty

On our torque converters, you get a 12-month warranty without mileage limit, taking into account our general terms and conditions. The prerequisite for the warranty maintenance is a demonstrable installation with a new or completely overhauled automatic transmission.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by request, e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: +49 02309-937260.

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