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Gearbox flushing

Gearbox flushing

Why is a gearbox flushing important?

Your vehicle switches uncleanly, jerks or has no translation. Changing the gear oil on your vehicle’s automatic transmission can help. This does not remove the entire abrasion from the gearbox, which can lead to further complaints.

Added value of a gearbox flushing

A gearbox flush is a cost-effective means of shielding you from repairs in the event of problems with your automatic transmission. In addition to the gearbox oil change, a geriatric rinse, as already indicated in the name, includes the complete internal flushing of the automatic transmission. All small metal shards, chips and deposits are removed, which are caused by wear in the gearbox. This extends the service life of the automatic transmission, and also restores the proper functioning of the automatic transmission. After a gearbox flush, the automatic transmission switches noticeably softer, and any problems such as hard shifting, delay in shifting, vibration, and too early power-up are fixed. These difficulties are signs of a defect in the gearbox. If these problems are permanently fixed after the gearbox flushing, you have saved a lot, as this means that repairs are no longer necessary. However, an automatic transmission flush is not a replacement for repairs, as a defect due to broken parts or defects in the electronics is not eliminated.

In many cases, not only does switching behavior improve, but fuel consumption is also reduced by earlier, faster and softer switching times. The cost-effectiveness is provided solely by the longer service life of the automatic drive. At ATT24, we offer you a gearbox flush which effectively and safely removes all impurities, and rinses all necessary transmission components.

In order to prevent and eliminate problems with the automatic transmission, our workshop team will be happy to advise you in detail on questions regarding automatic transmissions, & transmission flushes.

We look forward to your visit!

For a gearbox flush, you have to plan for about 4 hours.

Gearbox flushing 5-speed automatic transmission
220 €*
Gearbox flushing 7-speed automatic transmission
290 €*
Gearbox flushing 9-speed automatic transmission
450 €*
Transmission oil change 5-speed automatic transmission
150 €*
Transmission oil change 7-speed automatic transmission
220 €*
Transmission oil change 9 speed automatic transmission
350 €*

* All sprinters plus 50.00 Euro

All prices incl. Vat.

If you have any questions on, please do not hesitate to contact us by request, e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: +49 02309-937260.

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